The Heritage Quarterly is published under the subtitle The Art of Living by the Bohemian Heritage Fund. The free magazine focuses not only on the activities of the Fund, but also the fundamental topics of the Czech art scene and patronage. The magazine was redesigned in the Studio Divize. A path of radical transformation was not chosen, but rather modifications in the spirit of its elegant appearance. It was left with a generous square format, typeset in a classic serif font, and the headings were printed in gold, in spot colour. The mirror of the typeface was made smaller and the font was enlarged for better reading comfort. The texts are now arranged in three columns on the page instead of two. The margins of the pages were widened, creating space for their numbering and the numbering of the publication, section titles, captions, editors' names, and also a distinctive graphic element introducing the main articles: the enlarged initial of the sub-heading. New clean edges frame the cover of the magazine, previously printed on bleed. The title of the magazine and the issue number do not have a fixed place on the cover, but alternate between four positions on the vertical, depending on the quarter in which the magazine is published. Similarly, the numbering on the spine of the magazine descends from the top to the bottom edge, as does the page numbering inside the magazine. Inside the magazine, as on the cover, the layout of photographs and reproductions on the entire surface of the pages is abandoned, and the massiveness of the visual content is achieved rather by overlapping images from one side to the other. The aim of the redesign was to give the graphic design of the quarterly a representative and at the same time non-conservative look.

Bohemian Heritage Fund

since 2020

Tomáš Brychta
Sára Bergmannová