The Divine Comedy

The exhibition of Radka Bodzewicz at the Bold gallery introduced her visual interpretations of the Divine Comedy. Bodzewicz called her artistic expression a “figural abstraction” and while the whirling figures are often placed into unspecified spots of color, spaces or ornaments they are also implanted into landscapes albeit with their town spatial logic. Dante’s own text is a vast literal painting and its multifacetedness is reflected in the nature of the canvases – in their interpretation potential, composition as well as the combination of artistic techniques. Every painting is further provided with an additional virtual reality layer, which can be viewed by scanning the work using the Artivive app. A QR code appears in the catalogue on the first page for downloading the app. The app is also able to read the images of the paintings inside the catalogue. A section of one of the paintings graces its cover while a sketch appears on the inside of the cover. The catalogue jacket from transparent paper contains the introductory verses of the Divine Comedy. Quotes from the verses as well as the name of the exhibition are typed in very expressive letters, which are deformed in certain spots to create a three-dimensional illusion – it is as though the Divine eye is glancing up from the text. A poster and invitations were also created for the exhibition.

Bold gallery


Tomáš Brychta
Sára Bergmannová